6 Nigerians Arrested For Ingesting Cocaine In Brazil

Six Nigerians have been arrested at São Paulo’s Guarulhos International Airport in Brazil after attempting to board a flight to Ethiopia with cocaine capsules in their stomachs.

One of the suspects was behaving strangely when Police agents were performing routine checks of passengers waiting to board the flight to Ethiopia at Guarulhos International Airport in the southeastern city of São Paulo, prompting authorities to search the man and his hand luggage.

The passenger confessed to ingesting the small plastic bags containing the Type-A party drug.

His accomplices, all males, underwent the same test, confirming that each had contact with the powdery narcotic.

X-rays revealed that some of the suspects had swallowed between 100 to 150 capsules. They were promptly taken to a medical facility to expel the drugs.

Three of the men were slated to arrive in Kano State from Ethiopia.

Three of the suspects had previously entered Brazil requesting asylum, and one was apprehended at Guarulhos International Airport in 2017 on an arrest warrant

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