10 Health Benefits Of Cucumber

Below are some advantages derived when cucumber is consumed

1.They are a good source of vitamin B
Since cucumbers contain about 95 percent of water, you get rehydrated when you consume them.
2.Cucumbers make your skin smoother and younger while boosting your hair growth.
3.Cucumbers have been employed in recent years in battles against cancer.
4. It helps in curing hangover
Cucumbers help keep your breathe fresh while preventing bad breath.
5.Cucumbers aid easy digestion and weight.
6.Cucumbers reduce blood cholesterol and controls blood pressure in the human body.
7.Cucumbers encourages healthy joint and relieves arthritis and gout pain.
8.They help keep the heart healthy.
9.A large part of cucumber flavour comes from it’s seed.
10.Cucumbers contain vitamin C.

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