Woman Gives Birth To Quadruplets In Minna After 17 Years

A Nurse, Hadiza Ndayebo have given birth to quadruplets at the Jumai Babangida Aliyu Maternal and Neonatal Hospital in Minna after 17 years of infertility.

However, one of the quadruplets died immediately after delivery.

Hadiza who spoke to The Nation at the Hospital said that she had to get pregnant through artificial insemination after waiting for many years without getting pregnant.

“I went through artificial insemination because I have been battling with infertility for over 17 years. By December 28, it will be my 17th year in marriage.

“Although 10 years ago, I had normal pregnancy but I gave birth pre-term at 28 weeks and the people died after some days.”

Hadiza who, The Nation learnt, is the second wife to her husband said that the none of her family took it serious when she told them she was carrying quadruplets adding that although one died, she is grateful that she has been compensated for waiting this long.

“The babies were two male and two female. Losing one of the female is the will of God. My family did not believe I was carrying quadruplets but they are joyous when it came.”

Speaking of her 17 years journey of infertility, Hadiza said that it was not easy but at the end of the day, God made her triumph over all the challenges.

“There were a lot of challenges for those 17 years because couple without a child is Unclad. Being patient was not easy because there were some things that you will not be able to tolerate, that you will react to. ”

Her husband, Alfa Mamood expressed joy over the birth of the babies saying that 17 years of endurance, patience and prayers have paid off.
He prayed that God provide them with the means to provide and take care of them.

The Staff Affairs Officer of the Babangida Aliyu Maternal and Neonatal Hospital, Nurse Comfort Tsado said that the birth of the quadruplets is the first of its kind in the hospital even though one died.

The Nation learnt that the mother of the quadruplets had been on admission in the hospital for over seven months in order for her health to be monitored.

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