US Government Is Trying To Destroy Net Neutrality

The chairman of FCC United States is trying to destroy net neutrality. This means that Internet providers will control the websites we open, they will control the application we download, they will decide and control the content we read online.

Net neutrality means that you can choose to do whatever you want with your data and Internet, mtn or Airtel shouldn’t decide for you!! Unfortunately, the United States Government is trying to stop this net neutrality.

Many big online communities and companies are protesting against this, but to my greatest surprise, Facebook and Google are mute about it.

If net neutrality is destroyed, it means there are many things you won’t see online. E.g they might remove Jesus christ, Bible, church or God from the Internet database through network providers

If US succeeds in implementing this law, it means other nations will follow suit. Check online communities and companies that are saying big no to this .

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