Residents In Imo Refuses The Renaming Of Road After Buhari

Residents in Imo state, have refused to accept the renaming of roads in the state capital by Imo state governor, Rochas Okorocha.

Some of the major roads renamed were Assumpta road to Buhari road, Wethderal road to Sam Mbakwe and Okigwe road to Nnamdi Azikiwe. It was observed that for over two weeks, commuters hardly mention the roads by the new name given to it by the government.

This was just as some argued that it was one of the ways the residents decided to express their dissatisfaction over the ways Okorocha was running the affairs of the state. While some were of the view that with time the residents would get acclimatized with recent changes.

And that it would take time for the people to Mostly talked about was the Assumpter road renamed Buhari road, where some said that based on the happenings in the country that they would not obey the government renaming the road to Buhari.

While some said that the Assumpta Cathedral Catholic Church, which the road is named after is historic and cannot be wiped out by Okorocha’s administration. Some also accused the government of trying to erase history which the state has been known for and largely used as an address and a form of given direction.

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