Motorist In Lokoja Beats Black Market Fuel Dealer Mercilessly (Photos)

It was a bloody day for a man selling fuel by the roadside (Black-marketer) as he was beaten to pulp on Christmas Day by a motorist and one other on transit in Lokoja, Kogi state capital. The fighters who constituted nuisance that caused traffic on the Lokoja-Ajaokuta highway, according to eyewitnesses, engaged in a bloody fight as the black-marketer was overpowered because he was alone in the fight.

According to reports, Ugochukwu Onuh, a roadside black-market fuel dealer was given life-threatening beating for over ten minutes by the merciless motorist and his co-traveller until he was lucky to be rescued by some patrolling security operatives.

The fight according to the witnesses, who declined to give their names, began when the black-marketer hopped on the motorist Toyota Jeep with Lagos number EKY104 DQ and smashed its windscreen because he thought the motorist was trying to make away with his money after he had served the vehicle with ten litres of petrol.

Ugochukwu, who was in the pool of his own blood after he was beaten blue black by the motorist and his co-traveller, said that he smashed the windscreen to make the driver to allow him to alight from their moving vehicle.

The wounded ‘Black market’ dealer, Ugochukwu, the motorist identified as Emeka and his brother were arrested by the security operatives and were handed over to officers at the Kogi State Command of the Nigerian Police.

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