5 Highest Paid Jobs In Nigeria

The battle for the spots on the highest paying jobs in Nigeria is a very tough one. There are quite a number of lucrative jobs paying good salaries or other remunerations. But with proven research by various job and career portals and information from industry watchers and insiders, the information below shows 5 of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria and how much they pay on the average, although not in any particular order.

If you are a young person and quickly want to build a strong financial base going through the job route, you might need to consider a career in any of these 5 jobs that pay very good salaries.

Here are 5 of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria:

IT/Telecom Engineers
This is probably the most lucrative job in today’s world, not because it necessarily pays the highest remuneration, but because there is nothing you do today that does not have the IT side. Hence, those who have developed themselves appropriately in whatever capacity will always be in high demand and command high pay. In an organization, software and hardware administration falls within the purview of these professionals and they sometimes also train other staff members. As the industry grows stronger, there will be more demand for professionals in this highly skilled sector. Did I hear you ask, how much they earn? They earn between N3.5m – N7million annually. I guess someone needs to reboot his/her mind or probably load fresh software.

Which one catches your fancy and you would like to be a player in if you are not already doing so? Go ahead and be the best that you can and as the saying goes, “The Sky will be your starting point.”

Aerospace Engineering:
There is hardly any quality, functioning aerospace engineering and technical department in Nigerian universities. Aerospace engineers working in the country’s aviation sector got their professional and technical trainings outside the shores of the country and get paid handsomely. They are most likely licensed aircraft engineers and its a tasking profession that requires continuous technical expertise and sound judgement. Pilots earn well but do not come near the pay packet of aeronautical engineers.

Production/ Petroleum Engineers:
Highly skilled engineers in the various production aspects of the petroleum industry are among the best paid professional careers in the country. IT is a very technical job and requires a lot of time that must be dedicated to reading and studying in order to acquire necessary certifications to practice. And then those in the Oil and Gas industry whether up or down stream command the highest pay of them all. They take home a pay package of about N3.5m – N6.5m annually, which is good in an economy like ours that is not so stable and also still considered as growing.

Commercial Airline Pilots:
Dominated by expatriates, pilots in the country are still among top earners. Indications are that as more airlines join the airspace in Nigeria to make things even more interesting and competitive well trained and skilled pilots will command more pay as they will be in more demand. Pilots just like medical doctors have a high degree of responsibility for the lives of passengers in the plane; hence they should be highly skilled and trained personnel who know exactly what they are doing. In Nigeria, they earn from about N3.4m up to N7.4 million and more in some cases even more.

Hackers and Programmers:
I can imagine you have a grin on your face. Hackers?! Well, maybe you don’t know that there are ethical hackers, just as you have non-ethical hackers. The internet world is growing and more and more programmers will be needed who are well-versed in the programming. Although in Nigeria finding ethical hackers is still hard to come by in Nigeria. And of course organizations are coughing out millions to have their websites secured from non-ethical hackers. Salary range is between N2.8m – N6.48million annually.

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