5 Essential Skills for Online Marketing Teams

When it comes down to internet marketing, having a well-structured marketing team can make the difference between success and simple failure. Unfortunately, at this moment in time, many of the marketing teams operating on the market do not include all the needed skills, which is why results often fail to appear.

In this article, we will mention and discuss about five of the most essential skills that online marketing teams should have, regardless of their area of expertise.

1 Web design

You might be thinking that web design skills should stay with web designers only, but this is wrong. In fact, online marketing teams often have to create visuals that can represent the business that they are promoting and help it sell more products. As web design is often outsourced, quality control cannot be ensured, which is why you must have at least one member in your team, who is proficient with web design.

2 Data analysis

Online marketing teams often have to look at vast amounts of data, to see the results of their campaigns. Not being able to effectively understand and analyse data can point marketing teams in the wrong direction, thus leading to failure. This is the main reason why you should employ at least one person whose world revolves around numbers, and who is capable of comprehending data of all kinds.

3 Managing social media

During the last couple of years, the popularity of social media has greatly increased, and chances are that the phenomenon will last much longer. This is why it is important for an online marketing team to consist of at least one social media expert. Strengthening marketing campaigns with a prominent social media presence will allow businesses to communicate with their customers, but also to understand what patrons are currently looking for.


Although it might be clear that an online marketing team is nothing without great understanding of search engine optimization, it’s still surprising that there are tons of marketing teams who still believe that backlinks are the answer to all issues. The most important part of SEO is to strategically insert keywords on website pages, as doing so will then lead Google crawlers to your client’s site, thus increasing its exposure. Because of this, understanding SEO algorithms can be a great plus for your marketing team.

5 Project Management

This skill should mainly be possessed by the person leading the online marketing team on a particular project. If there is a lack of this skill, then chances are that the project a team is working on will go to vain, as other members of the team have other aspects to focus on, and cannot interact with one another constantly, in order to ensure the success of a certain campaign.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, regardless of whether you are looking for an online marketing team to suit your needs, or you are the chief of one, you should be aware of the fact that these skills are essential to the success of marketing campaigns.


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