Brief History Of Yoruba Delicacy Food: Amala

Amala was first prepared by: #Aduke_Agbedegbeyo omo onile ire, opomoja ilekan omo yakooy, omo alokolaro of abule onipaki in Atakumosa local government in Osun state in 1052 in the days when Sango was the alaafin of Oyo and Oya was his wife. That was the very year Sango spat fire for the first time.

Gbegiri on the other hand was first prepared by Anike onibudo omo ajanlekoko, omo igi tin wo loko tin pa ara ile, omo Aja tin jin, tin pa ero ona. Omo Ajanaku tii mi igbo kiji kiji. She prepared gbegiri for the first time in 1156 at Tonkere village in Ibadan west local government Of Oyo state. That was the time Timi Agbale Olofa Ina, okunrin bi Okuta was the Timi of Ede and his conflict with Gbonkaa of Oyo empire was at its peak.

The first portion of gbegiri was tasted by Alabi abolonjeku omo buje budanu of molete in ibadan . You guessed right.

Abolonjeku happens to be one of the fore fathers of Adedibu the exponent of Amala politics. It was Abolonjeku of Molete that first combined the two when he visited Tonkere on one of his culinary related visits across the Oyo empire in 1156.

I had to go through this much pain to explain this before one inbred Rhesus Monkey abi Spectacle-wearing Orangutan will come on CNN to say that this yoruba specialty food originated in Futa-Jalon and was introduced to the Yoruba’s by a white missionary woman and that the best version is made in Botswana.

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