$1.1trn Worth Of Fuel Diverted By 18 Companies – PDP

As fuel scarcity lingers across the country, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) maintained yesterday that 18 unregistered companies were used to lift and divert $1.1trn worth of crude oil in the last one year.
It accused the All Progressives Congress (APC) government of being silent over reports of fraud in the oil regime.
PDP further charged the APC-led government to tell Nigerians the truth regarding its handling of fuel related funds, particularly the circumstances surrounding what it called “the exposed diversion of fuel funds in sleazy oil subsidy payouts”.
In a statement signed by its national publicity secretary, Kola Ologbondiyan, the major opposition party in the country said it is completely reprehensible that the APC and the federal government have continue to stick to lies, particularly on the real reasons behind the biting fuel scarcity.
The party tasked the APC Government to speak out on reports of fraud in the oil regime whereupon 18 unregistered companies were used to lift and divert $1.1 trillion worth of crude oil in the last one year.
“We all know that it was convenient for the APC Presidency to promise Nigerians that it will no longer import fuel only because the PDP government had already laid the foundation including revamping the refineries and ensuring a domestic production of 5 million litres out of the 25 million litres daily domestic consumption.
“Sadly, this incompetent APC government, in its almost three years, has not added one litre to the 5 million litres which the PDP administration was producing. Instead of improvements, the APC has wrecked the system and now pushing the nation to depend solely on importation, while engaging in heavy sleazes in hidden subsidy regimes.
“Is it not also ridiculous for the federal government, in its bid to cover for its ineptitude and oil subsidy corruption, to announce that it is the NNPC and not Nigeria that is paying for the so called
The statement made available to Eyes Of Lagos continued: “The question is who owns the NNPC? Is it not Nigeria? Can NNPC spend a kobo without the authorization of the Presidency? Has President Muhammadu Buhari ceased to be the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Minister of Petroleum Resources?
“Moreover, if the NNPC, which is under his purview, has been paying fuel subsidy, who authorized the payment and who are the beneficiaries? Nigerians need to know the truth on this subsidy regime.
“We therefore challenge the APC- Federal Government to come clean on these issues and stop telling lies to Nigerians who have suffered enough under its deceptive, inept, uncoordinated and wicked regime”.
The PDP however urged Nigerians not to feel forlorn, adding that it has repositioned to stand with the people in the inevitable mission to rescue and restore the nation to the path of prosperity once more come 2019.

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