We’ll Build N4tn Economy, Create 40m Jobs In 10 Years – Olawepo Hashim

  • We’ll build N4tn economy in 10 years, create 40m jobs – Hashim
  • Presidential candidate of People’s Trust Party, Mr. Gbenga Olawepo Hashim, has pledged to build a N4 trillion Nigerian economy that would create 40 million jobs in 10 years, if elected in the 2019 general elections.

    Speaking during a courtesy visit to Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) yesterday in Kaduna, Gbenga said the capacity of Nigerian economy is too low to satisfy the yearnings of the people, while stating that the mission of his government, if found fit to rule, is to return Nigeria to its peaceful and united state pre independence.

    According to him, there is need to return Nigeria to a peaceful, productive and creative entity that can cater for the needs of its people, where love will reign and devoid of hatred and violence. “Our challenge is how to build a bigger economy that would create jobs for the youth.

    “Our vision is to build $4 trillion economy in the next 10 years to create 40 million jobs. There is over $78 trillion to be spent in the US on infrastructure alone. People don’t want to come to Nigeria to invest because of problems of doing business, multiple taxation and other challenges. We can attract 5% of global infrastructure fund which is about $4 trillion in the next 10 years.

    “North is the biggest part of the country but we need to bring the smaller parts back to the country. There is too much hunger in the land due to insecurity and competition for resources. If North can be united, Nigeria will be united; if the North is peaceful, Nigeria will be peaceful because every tribe and religion are represented here.”

    Acting Chairman of ACF, Alhaji Musa Liman Kwande said that ACF does not have a specific candidate and does not align with any political party.

    He said what the Forum wants to see in presidential candidate is a genuine, positive and pragmatic policies to fight corruption, insecurity, anarchy and other disingenuous activities which had been the bane of the nation’s progress and development.

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