Umahi Endorses Atiku Abubakar, Plans 100% For PDP, Flays Mischief Makers

  • Umahi Endorses Atiku Abubakar, Plans 100% For PDP, Flays Mischief Makers
  • Following several propaganda from different sources stating that the Ebonyi State Governor, Dave Umahi does not support the PDP’s Atiku Abubakar in his presidential bid, the Governor has come out to tell off mischief makers. He stated in his declaration at the PDP presidential rally in Ebonyi State, that the PDP is Ebonyi and Ebonyi is PDP, 100%.

    In his speech with the Ebonyi State Traditional Rulers, he announced, “Let nobody be deceived. Ebonyi State is totally PDP and that is beyond any compromise. President Buhari is my personal friend and a sitting president. But that does not extend to politics. I am a man of honor. We will deliver this state totally to PDP in the coming elections.”

    Umahi told mischief makers to go and deliver their states and stop worrying about Ebonyi State. The DG of the PDP Presidential campaign who was present, praised Umahi as a working governor and danced with him, while saying clearly that the PDP will continue to favor Ebonyi State no matter what. The PDP National Chairman stated that with the crowd available, it is clear that the PDP’s headquarters is in Ebonyi.

    The massive crowd which is speculated to be in the hundreds of thousands, spilling into the streets, was said to be the biggest so far, even bigger than the much talked about Kaduna rally. Atiku Abubakar promised quality projects for the people of Ebonyi and counted on their votes. Peter Obi who is the VP candidate, could not be allowed to speak because of the praises the crowd had for him as they kept on chanting; “Okwute ndi Igbo.”

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