Trump Ends Obama’s 12-Year Run As ‘Most-Admired Man In America’

According to Gallup’s findings, 18 percent of Americans named President Trump as the most-admired man.

Fifteen percent of Americans picked Obama, six percent chose President-elect Biden, and three percent revealed their admiration for Dr Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Only two percent of the survey respondents showed their admiration for 84-year-old Pope Francis.

Following behind Pope Francis in the 2020 top 10 list of most admired men were Elon Musk, Bernie Sanders, Bill Gates, LeBron James, and Dalai Lama.

Eleven percent of Americans named a relative or friend as their most admired man.

Six percent of Americans chose President-elect Joe Biden as the most admired man, putting him third on the top 10 list.

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