“Tinubu Imposing A Candidate On Oyo People Is Better Than An Igbo Man.. ” – Ajimobi

  • “Tinubu Imposing A Candidate On Oyo People Is Better Than An Igbo Man. ” – Ajimobi
  • Abiola Ajimobi, Governor of Oyo State who spoke at the flag-off of the governorship campaign rally which held at the Oke Ado state party secretariat, Ibadan, stated that it’s better Tinubu imposed guber candidate on Oyo people than Igbo man Secondus.

    According to Ajimobi, Oyo people should be worried about a non-Yoruba in the person of Secondus who according to him, chooses and determines the party’s choice for the election.

    He said, “Before I said Adelabu would be the governor, God spoke to me. And some people said it was Tinubu who told me.

    “Please is Tinubu living in Ibadan with us? Even if Tinubu had even told me, is it not better than Secondus, who is an Igbo man, to tell them who should be their flagbearer?

    “You all should know that with all these that we are doing, God is really with us because when we started, what we asked God was that if we will do well, God should help us to get there and if we won’t do well, he shouldn’t allow us to get there.

    “How many politicians can say that? It is almost eight years and you all can see how well we have done.
    “Before we came into power, when they tell you someone is an NURTW member, do you stay close to him?

    “How well do you pass through Iwo road and other places around town? Is it not in fear and anxiety? But the story has changed. There is peace and even the NURTW members are now peaceful and gentle people.
    “God sees my heart. It is God who made us choose Adelabu. All those who aspired for the ticket, there was nobody among them who was not qualified. We had people with first class and second class in various fields, but the scripture must be fulfilled.

    “Among all those who contested for the ticket, God told me that I should pick the youngest person in age and when you look at the bible for the story of David, you will understand better.

    “Please, the remaining of you that you contested for the post, I beg you to forgive me. Adelabu did not put himself there, God put him there. He only used us to get there and I assure you, he will not misuse it.”

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