Take Me To Police Station, Says ‘Madman’ Caught With Money In Ondo

  • Take Me To Police Station, Says ‘Madman’ Caught With Money In Ondo
  • A man who appeared to be mentally unstable was apprehended by residents of Akure, the Ondo state capital, last Tuesday.

    The man, who was caught around the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) Mega Station on Ilesa—Owo Expressway, Akure by the residents before handing him over to the police, was in possession of money— all Nigerian currency denominations (from five Naira notes to one thousand Naira notes) arranged in order in his tattered bag.

    The residents said they suspected and approached him over his restlessness and suspicious appearance.

    One of the residents, Dayo Samuel said “We have heard and witnessed a lot of incidents of kidnapping and ritual killing in this state. So we are not ready to lose more innocent souls to the wicked and diabolic people any more.”

    Displaying the money and other items including three mobile phones in his possession in the presence of Gongo Nso radio programme’s presenter, Omo Edema before he was taken away by the police, all Nigerian currency denominations were seen with the suspected disguised madman who declined answers to all questions put to him.

    “Take me to police station” was all he emphasised.

    However, speaking with Omo Edema on his arrest, the Ondo State Command’s Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Femi Joseph, dismissed the thought that the suspect was insane, adding that he had been stable in his statement.

    He said he had been cooperating with their investigative team to unravel the mystery surrounding his appearance and a lot Naira notes in his possession.

    “He said he was a beggar, claiming that those Naira notes were proceeds of begging. He explained he wanted the cash to be very much before he would take it to the bank though he claimed not having bank account yet”, Police said.

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