About Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

1 . content
In order to get your website rank higher on search engines, having quality and original contents is very important. Search engines rank website with original contents higher than those with copied contents from another website.

2.Meta Data
How does search engines see your website pages? Meta data is a way of describing your web pages along with your page title to the search engines, this is what displays when search is being made on Google or Bing or when your website page is shared on social media. So, it is very important to make your web page an eye catching.

3.Page ĺoad time
Search engines would not like to send its users to a page that takes much time to load. You need to reduce the page load time of your website by cutting down the amount of image file on your website and external libraries. Google insight is a very good tool to use and monitor your page load time.

4 . sitemap
This is another important factor when it comes to website ranking, it’s important to have a sitemap of your website, there are a lot of sitemap generators online you can submit your website url to and a sitemap of your website will bè generated for you.

5. backlinks
Finally, search engines rate your website using backlinks, backlinks are the redirections/reference you get from other websites e.g social media. This tells search engines how important your web page or website is.

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