People Can Expect Significant Changes By 2030 – Don Koenig

  • People Can Expect Significant Changes By 2030 – Don Koenig
  • The year 2030 is when the UN plans to have global governance in place and the way things are going in the world there is little reason to believe they will not accomplish their objective. Even so, things like world wars or the Rapture could change timelines but let’s suppose mankind continues on its present course. How will life on earth change by 2030?

    The 2020’s will bring many high-tech revolutions. Computers will be 100 times faster than they are today and people will have unlimited data storage access. Internet access will become a human right. Everyone in the world will have gigabyte Internet service by 2030.

    There are plans to put tens of thousands of satellites in low orbit in the 2020’s to provide gigabit Internet service to all on earth. SpaceX alone plans to put up over 10,000 satellites by the mid 2020’s and there are several other competitors also planning to put up thousands of satellites. When these space communications systems are up and running the Revelation 13 prophecy becomes possible by man’s doing for the first time in the history of the world. The prophecy says nobody in the world would be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast or the number of his name. That will not be possible until all people on earth are connected to a digital world-wide system and do all their transactions using it.

    I do not think people will be typing or texting anymore by 2030. Typing skills will become as outdated as Morse Code. People will just talk to their communications device that will be worn somewhere on their body. It will communicate with all local electronic devices and the World Wide Web.

    By 2030 robotics will be everywhere. Much of the manufacturing in the world will be done with 3D printers. 3D printers will even become a common appliance in the home. If you need something made you will ask your communications device to find an algorithm to build it. There may be a small fee for the algorithm but many will be opened sourced and free. Manufactures will have industrial sized 3D printers that can build things as large as cars and prefabricated houses. 3D printing will significantly reduce the costs of manufacturing.

    There likely will be a global transmission tax to pay for world government. To achieve this they could require all people on earth to get assigned a number to make Internet transmissions. That leads to people not being able to buy or sell anything on the Internet without their assigned number.

    India with more than one sixth of the world’s population has already assigned everyone a number linked to their own biometric identification. China with a fifth of the population also is in the process of identifying and tracking all of its people. Each person in China is being given a social credit score and if their score is low they will start reaping negative consequences as soon as this year.

    We in the West do not openly have such tracking programs but we are being tracked in secret by our governments. Facebook, Google and Internet tracking cookies also track us and that data is given or sold to others. At the rate this is going the digital buy/sell system of the Beast Antichrist certainly could be worldwide by 2030.

    By the way, leftists love China’s authoritarian system. This Marxist one party system is their model for world government. That is why leftist “progressive” politicians in the West have sold out to China. They believe China is the future and they think they might as well get rich during the transition. That is also why America runs nearly a half trillion dollar trade imbalance with China each year.

    It is no coincidence that China is the model for leftist global government and that China persecutes true Christians. That happens because the Christian worldview is in direct opposition to the Marxist worldview. By 2030, any true Christians left in the world will have to go underground just like we now see happening in China.

    By 2030, the sky will be filled with drones doing everything under the sun. You will order items on the Internet and drones will deliver your parcels the same day. I think everyone will have a drone pad near where they live or work. Many people will even travel using land and air drones.

    Criminals, non conformists and other enemies of the state will be monitored, tracked and disabled or killed by drones. Police will police the cities using drones. Military will fight battles with drones. Drones as small as insects will be spying on people everywhere.

    Because of fear, people allowed government to go down the mass surveillance and police state path. People are likely to live to regret that by 2030. Tyrannical government will prove to be a much greater threat than terrorists. I think by 2030 people will be living in a Orwellian world where everyone is tracked and their life rated. The government will have a digital file on everyone.

    There will be a debt crash and paper currencies will become worthless in the 2020’s. Many will lose much of their wealth. After the crash the world will go digital using blockchain technology. Everything owned and of value in the world will be recorded on the encrypted blockchain and stored on memory banks spread all over the Internet. Blockchain technology will eliminate paper transactions along with contract middle-men.

    Medicine and genetic engineering will make huge advances in the 2020’s. There also will be mistakes and I think we should expect at least one plague as a result. Even so, many diseases will be cured or prevented. Medical scientists will learn how to repair just about anything in the body using stem cells and nano robots. Spare parts and organs will be grown outside of the body using stems cells and 3D bio-printers. Infectious diseases and cancers will almost be eliminated through ways to enhance the immune system. By 2030, the rich will be seeking to increase their lifespan and they may even be cloned, but the end of the age will come for everyone anyway.

    By 2030, energy will be available everywhere in abundance. Solar energy will become cheaper than gas and coal. Solar may be the source of a quarter of the earth’s energy by 2030. Food production will follow the Israeli model. Much of it will be grown in green houses using hydroponics.

    Barring an all out nuclear world war or a major world plague the world population in 2030 will be about 8.5 billion people. Many of these people will not be able to find jobs because they will be replaced by AI and automation. There are a couple of ways the world could handle that. They can reduce working hours, they could give everyone a minimum income or they could seek to reduce the population. Knowing the plans of some globalists and the depravity of man, I think their first choice will be to reduce the population. Most elitists want far fewer people living on earth. Some only want a few hundred million. They think the humans that remain can achieve immortality and utopia by merging with AI and robots.

    The progressive globalists have already begun trying to reduce world population through abortion and the breaking down of traditional families and sex roles. Some nations like China have forced sterilization programs. The population imbalances that come as result will next bring euthanasia of the elderly. After that, they will seek to get rid of undesirables. Bible believing Christians would be high on their list. The fifth seal of Revelation talks about such a purge of believers and I think this seal is opened prior to the last seven years for Israel and before 2030.

    Europe will be in revolution in the 2020’s and America probably will not exist as a superpower past the 2020’s for any number of reasons. By 2030, those surviving the civil warfare in Europe will be looking for a savior figure again. This will bring the Beast Antichrist.

    The world will change significantly by 2030. Humanity will see more changes in the next dozen years then it has seen since World War II. Some of the changes that will take place will be called human advances but other changes will display human depravity. Even so, Christians can always hope for the Rapture.

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