“PDP Promised To Pay Me 10k If I Attend Lagos Rally. I Did, This Happened’- Lady

  • “PDP Promised To Pay Me 10k If I Attend Lagos Rally. I Did, This Happened’- Lady
  • According to Abubakar Sidiq Usman who shared this video of a young lady confessing about being promised by Lagos PDP to pay her N10k if she attends their rally, she allegedly went but was not paid anything.

    Sidiq Usman shared the video and wrote:

    “PDP people promised to pay her 10k if she attends their LAGOS rally. She did and they refused to pay her a kobo. They did her #PDP. See the follow up video below”

    However, the reactions that trailed the video insinuate that Abubakar Sidiq Usman who shared the video is just doing it for propaganda. Abubakar Sidiq Usman was blasted for the ‘propaganda’ video.

    See some reactions:

    Steford @odun42000 said:

    “Me I even thought this @MrAbuSidiq has sense before. U recorded a video & put @jimiagbaje cap there without showing d person’s face. Anyway, if it’s nt 4 poverty, how will someone tell u to come & do rally in Lagos hot sun for 10k? Na APC for Lagos get thug no be PDP.”

    Royce @Rolandeze3 wrote:

    ” Instead of these APC goons to use the election campaign window for reeling out their achievements if any in the past three years, they would rather engage in campaign of calumny against the major opposition party and it’s members. Failure has no other name”

    The Great Nigerian @Great_Nigerian_ wrote:

    “LOL! So this is how you want to be their Publicity Sec.?”

    Mr. Credible Kris @christometer

    “You are supposed to be from Usmani, you have comfortably disregard the usefulness of your name Usmani. This is way too low for your campaign. Borrow sense oga!”

    Abraham Odia @officialfabulus wrote:

    “This is just dirty politics. For all I know she could be paid to grant this interview just to discredit the other party. How can the APC be accusing the PDP for the same crime they are guilty of. Same of the same”

    Follow Help @Dannyyweb said:

    “Mr Sidiq your propaganda is too cheap you dey learn work.”

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