Oparanozie Excited To Play Against France At The World Cup (video)

  • Oparanozie Excited To Play Against France At The World Cup (video)
  • Desire Oparanozie has stated that she is happy and excited to play against France at next summer’s World Cup. She stated this in a recent video. Here is a transcript of the video.

    Particularly, maybe because I play in France, it’s going to be more or less like playing on home soil for me and er, I’m equally excited because we are playing France in our last group game, you know, because,

    I’m excited about that because it will give us the room to redeem ourselves, having lost against them in April earlier this year. It was a disgraceful loss against them and that was because we were inactive for about 16 months before we went into that game and you know, this is a team that has been preparing since last year prior to that game. They’ve been utilising every FIFA calendar date, every international break and all that, so when you are playing against a team like that you don’t stand a lot of chance against them.

    But I’m happy we are playing them in the group stage. That will give us the opportunity to let them understand that what happened in April earlier this year was a fluke. With Nigerian Football Federation support on us, getting into the World Cup, if given adequate preparation and all the support we need to get into the world stage, I think. . .I believe we will match them strength to strength, physique to physique, whatever it is they bring on the field of play.

    So I’m particularly excited and another motive, I know it’s the same for my colleagues, we want to exceed the previous World Cup record we’ve had in the past, that’s getting past the group stage, probably getting to the quarter-final or the semi-final. We have everything it takes to make this happen and I believe we can achieve this in next summer’s World Cup.

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