No 5 Million Votes For Buhari In Kano – PDP Mocks APC, Buhari For “Renting Crowds”

  • No 5 Million Votes For Buhari In Kano – PDP Mocks APC, Buhari For “Renting Crowds”
  • President Buhari should stop fixating over the non-existent five million votes that was promised him by the Governor Abdullahi Ganduje of Kano State as such is completely illusionary.

    If indeed President Buhari is committed to free and fair polls as he claims, he ought to have cautioned Gov Ganduje to stop making vain promises because the total numbers of voters registered in Kano is not more than 5.5 million.

    This promise is being made even in the scenario where President Buhari has since lost the support of the people of Kano state following his failure to fulfill even the littlest of the litany of promises he made to them during the 2015 campaigns.

    President Buhari
    must have received a shock of his life when he realized that his party, the APC had to rent a crowd from neighboring Niger Republic to populate his rally in Kano on Thursday after the planners could not mobilize enough supporters from Kano to attend.

    Nigerians watched in amusement as two state governors and a traditional ruler from Niger Republic, who were contracted to hire and ferry in the aliens, struggled for space with APC leaders at the rally.

    The world now knows how President Buhari
    garnered his votes in Kano in 2015 and on what strength his party has been boasting of five million votes in the 2019 elections.

    Now that it is clear to all, including Mr. President, that he has lost the support of the people of Kano, we urge the Buhari Presidency & the APC to wake up to the reality & stop deceiving themselves as there is no way foreigners can be allowed to participate in our elections.

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