Nnamdi Kanu Is An Enemy Of Ndigbo- Ugonna Utulor

  • Nnamdi Kanu Is An Enemy Of Ndigbo. By Ugonna Utulor
  • Ndigbo have suffered from time immemorial. Neglected, marginalized, hated upon, fought, conquered but resolute to succeed, Ndigbo have never had it easy. To many Nnamdi Kanu had been a Messiah. He said the right things, preached the right message, fought the good fight.

    Until he signed up to become an enemy of Ndigbo, sold his soul to the devil and to those who have oppressed our people.

    Calm down. Let me tell you how.

    When Nnamdi Kanu was in prison our youths and women protested for his release and also that of his fellow freedom messengers who had been arrested by the tyrant of Daura. Many of these Igbo protesters lost their lives to save Kanu’s. Eventuality Kanu signed an agreement to free himself with little care about the fate of the other Igbos that had been arrested with him. On coming out he never felt it was necessary to pay homage to those our sons and daughters who were killed while trying to protest his detention.

    Our elders called him to a meeting, he refused to listen to our elders. He continued causing havoc, creating enemies for our people across the country. Many had their properties destroyed, many lost businesses, others lost friends. He kept taunting the tyrant of Daura, calling for war where dialogue was needed knowing fully well that nothing would happen to himself or his family members. Knowing fully well that the only people at risk are the masses – you and I. He was laughing at us, the masses. He was laughing at our ignorance. He still is. But we now know better.

    Before the python dance Kanu went into an accord with the tyrant of Daura. Like Judas Iscariot he betrayed his own people. A quick arrangement was made between Nigeria and Israel and Kanu was shipped to Israel. Millions of dollars were paid to his Swiss account by the tyrant of Daura and his agents.

    Nnamdi Kanu betrayed Ndigbo before the python Dance. He knew lives and properties would be lost yet he was not concerned, yet he signed an agreement with the cabal but couldn’t include in that agreement that since he had been paid off to go live in luxury in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem there was no need for the surugede dance. But his ego and selfishness won’t let him. His life ambition after all had been to be a Supreme leader. And to force his own people to worship a strange god. Judaism is not our religion. But Kanu wanted us to bow to his God, to himself, an aspiring Supreme leader that hates his own people.

    Nnamdi Kanu is an enemy of Ndigbo.

    Now they have resurrected him. It’s not hard to resurrect a ghost that loves money and hates his people. He has vowed to deny us that which God has given us.

    His resurrection shouldn’t ordinarily have been a problem but in his resurrection he became a Bar-Jesus. A false prophet with fabricated dreams and too many “akuko Mike Ejeagha”. How for instance do we rationalize his insistence that because Atiku Abubakar is from a region that once was in Cameroon Atiku is therefore unqualified to be Nigeria’s president? To Nnamdi Kanu Obama’s birth in Hawaii which was at some point not a part of the United States should have made Obama ineligible to be US president. This is not only ignorant but mischievous and dubious.

    Nnamdi has been paid to reduce Atiku’s chances in the South East so as to help Buhari win.

    Nnamdi Kanu is an enemy of Ndigbo. Otherwise why would he plan to ask us not to vote for our son who by God’s grace will be Vice president and eventually president? He knows that if we don’t vote his paymasters will win.

    This is our fight. We must fight Nnamdi Kanu. For though he was once one of us today he’s our number one enemy and an enemy from within is the most dangerous.

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