Man Dies In A Car Accident In Ekpoma (Graphic Video & photos)

A young man named Isiwele Lauren Raphael, who is a member of Association of Car Dealers, Edo State, lost his life when the Lexus ES330 car he was travelling in had a side collision with a Toyota Sienna vehicle at the outskirts of Ekpoma, very close to Irrua Specialist hospital.

The driver of the Sienna claimed a trailer caused the accident when it overtook another vehicle dangerously causing the oncoming Lexus to swerve off the road in a bid to avoid a head-on collision with the trailer. He said after the trailer passed, the Lexus tried to get back on the road but it’s tires caught the edge of the road causing it to lose control, and because it was on a high speed, it swerved into the road sideways causing a collision with the Sienna.

The collision cut the Lexus in two, also causing extensive damage to the Sienna, and injuries to its passengers. 

The driver of the Lexus was rescued and taken to the Irrua Specialist hospital (FG owned), but died before he could be attended to as resident doctors are on strike.

His corpse was returned to the accident scene pending when the police arrive. I left the scene as they tried to contact his relatives to no avail as his phone was damaged in the accident and his SIM card was locked and so the contacts were inaccessible.

Watch video:

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