‘if Buhari Wins, Nigerians Will Be Running To Neighboring Countries To Feed

  • ‘if Buhari Wins, Nigerians Will Be Running To Neighboring Countries To Feed
  • The immediate past Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose says Nigerians will be running to other neighboring countries to feed if President Buhari wins a second term in office come 2019.

    According to the former Governor, “the President’s time is almost up”. A statement by Fayose’s media aide, Lere Olayinka, accused the president of spending “three and a half years blaming his predecessors and inflicting both security and economic crises on the country”.

    The statement read: “when he was seeking the votes of Nigerians, he never said he was coming to complain. Rather, he promised to fix what he claimed to have identified as the problems.
    It is no longer funny that a President who assumed office three and a half years ago is still complaining about how he met the country, instead of Nigerians having feelings of how well he has solved the problems he claimed that he had the capacity to solve.
    He should stop singing the same song of lamentation that he has been singing since 2015 and learn from his colleague in Ghana, who hit the ground running immediately he assumed office. Only a leader who lacks competence and is challenged by knowledge and exposure will blame his predecessors for over three years.
    Nigerians of mostly below forty years who voted for the President in 2015, did so because they never experienced him as a Military Head of State. Now that they have seen that he does not have the required capacity to govern a country like Nigeria, they are eager to vote him out.”

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