Ibeto Trying To Impose His Candidate Against people’s Choice

  • Ibeto Trying To Impose His Candidate Against people’s Choice
  • Business man Cletus Ibeto of Ibeto Group is a seasoned businessman of international repute who should be a key player in National affairs but this season he has decided to bring himself to an all time low just because of his personal ego and aggrandizement.

    Anyone who has been a keen observer of the politics in Nnewi most especially the contest for who occupy the seat of Nnewi at the Anambra State House of Assembly will wonder why Ibeto has decided to mess himself up by trying to install the candidate of YPP, Obinna Ngonadi against the candidate of APGA, Smart Okafor who is the people’s choice.

    Voices of reasons and major political stakeholders have approached Ibeto on uncountable times to allow all the candidates contest in a free and fair contest and let Nnewi voters decide who they want to represent them.

    According to the words on the street, Ibeto is saying that as the Major political stakeholder in Nnewi, it is he that will decide who will represent Nnewi at all times and this time, he wants Ngonadi Obinna to represent Nnewi whether Nnewi people want him or not.

    The truth is that Nnewi people always respect Ibeto choice at all times but this time around, they have decided to disagree with his choice because his candidate of choice is an underperformer, an alleged rapist and chronic womaniser. The candidate Ibeto is trying to stop, Comrade Smart Okafor who is the people’s choice is an over performer and outstanding leader who has shown capacity and quality leadership in all previous positions he has held.

    Moreso Ibeto has even pencilled down the name of the person that will represent Uruagu Nnewi, whose turn is after Nnewichi at the Anambra State House of Assembly

    Also majority of Nnewi stakeholders and people are no longer happy with Ibeto because he has caused Nnewi to loose outstanding people whose leadership could have brought quality leadership to Nnewi and its people.

    For example;
    1. Ibeto stopped Dr Obi Nwosu who Fmr President Goodluck Jonathan pencilled down to be appointed the CMD of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, NAUTH Nnewi. It was alleged Ibeto bribed the then Minister of Health to change the President’s choice, Dr Obi Nwosu and replace it with Dr Igwegbe, who is the current CMD of NAUTH Nnewi.

    2. Ibeto who is from Otolo Nnewi went to Umudim Nnewi whose its turn were to produce the President General (PG) of Nnewi Town Union and imposed the current under performing PG, Ugochukwu Udemezue as against the popular choice of Nnewi people, Okey Offor.

    3. Ibeto once imposed the worst Local Government Chairman in Nnewi by name, Amobi Chikwendu against popular demand, Late Dr Martin Igbokwe.

    4. Ibeto at his level in life is still determining who helds the headship of most family kindred in Otolo Nnewi, which is not his business.

    Nnewi people are tired of Ibeto impositions and are saying no now to Ibeto as he is using every resources within his power to impose an alleged rapist to represent Nnewi at Anambra State House of Assembly.

    Nnewi people wants Ibeto to respect the choice of the people and use his resources to work for the benefits and development of Nnewi and not to be an emperor that will be imposing misfits into any available positions in Nnewi.

    Nnewi masses and the downtrodden are saying to Ibeto enough is enough. Be ashamed of yourself.

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