Defections From APC Is Good For Democracy – IBB

  • Ex-Military General, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida has reacted to the recent gale of defections that hit the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC
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    Speaking to Crest newspaper in his hilltop mansion in Minna, IBB opined that the defection of 14 senators from the APC to the PDP showed ‘Political Dexterity’ and was ‘good for democracy’.

    “I call it political dexterity because there are no better words to describe it. This is political dexterity and I don’t think anybody should have any problems with that. I have nothing against it. I think it is good for democracy. If it is good for democracy, then, it is good for Nigeria.

    If people left the APC to form R-APC [Reformed All Progressives Congress], they must have a solid reason or reasons for doing that. If 12 senators got to a point where they felt their continued stay in APC was not working and decided to leave, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Similarly, if the other two senators felt that their stay in APC was no longer worth their while and decided to join the ADC [African Democratic Congress], they have not committed any crime.

    I think the development is good for democracy. Democracy is about choices; it is about the freedom to choose. In the democratic system that we practice, you can always disagree if you feel what you see in the system does not agree with your expectation.”

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