Defection Rocks APC In Akwa Ibom State,former Party Chairmen Quits

  • Defection Rocks APC In Akwa Ibom State,former Party Chairmen Quits
  • We asked Akpabio what Udom Emmanuel has done that he said we should not support him for a second term, but till now, he has not answered our question.

    Now let me tell the world this: Akpabio is only jealouse of Gov. Udom Emmanuel because he was unable to keep to his campaign promise of providing 31 industries after 2011 elections but failed, and Gov. Udom Emmanuel has built 12 industries within 3 years.

    We also asked him why Nsima Ekere ran away as the deputy governor, but till now, he’s unable to answer us. We know that he stole money and wanted to be impeached, hence his immediate resignation.

    Akpabio should not deceive you, he is a thief and doesn’t want to support Gov. Udom Emmanuel for a second term because the Governor has told him money can’t be eaten like food, but must be used to bring developments to the state.
    Their only hope is on the Federal Might, but during elections, Federal Might will see unit might”-

    APC chapter Chairman of Ukanafun Local Government

    ” we are talking impunity, and today someone just came from nowhere to hijack the whole structure of APC. So we are here to tell the world that we are endorsing Udom Emmanuel for a second term.

    I’m here to tell the Governor that there was a time in this state where no one could sleep comfortably at home, but today, the story has changed. Gov. Please, we want you to continue for the sake of the existing peace.”

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