Catalogues Of History Makers In Nigeria

  • Catalogues Of History Makers In Nigeria
  • Nigeria has come a long way, some personalities and events have shaped the history of this great country, below are some personalities worth mentioning, if you feel there are some individuals worth being on that list you may add them up strictly in the spirit of history of our great country;
    (1) Herbert Macaulay was the first Nigerian to own a car.
    (2) Bishop Ajayi Crowther was the first Nigerian (African) Bishop. He was also the first man to translate the English Bible into a Nigerian language (Yoruba Language).
    (3) Chief Obafemi Awolowo was the first man to introduce Universal Primary Education in Nigeria in the then Western Region in the year 1956.
    (4) The name Nigeria was given by Flora Shaw, then girlfriend of Lord Lugard.
    (5) Mary Slessor was the first Missionary to stop the killing of twins in Nigeria, she started I Calabar.
    (6) The first Aeroplane landed in Kano in the year 1925.
    (7) The first indigenous Inspector-General of Police is Mr. Louis O. Edet.
    (8 ) The Nigerian Flag was designed by a Nigerian student in London as at then in the year 1960 by Mr. Taiwo Akinkunmi.
    (9) The first ever Nigerian National Anthem was written by Miss Lynda U. Williams from Britain. The anthem was composed by Miss Francisca Benda.
    (10) The National Anthem was composed by Assistant Commissioner of Police, Mr. Ben Odiase.
    (11) Abuja was declared Federal Capital Territory on 4th February,1976 by General Ramat Murtala Mohammed.
    (12) Usman Dan Fodio was the first man to launch a Jihad against then Northern Nigeria in 1802.
    (13) Formal education started in Nigeria in 1842.
    (14) University College, the first standard University in Nigeria was established in the year 1948 at Ibadan.
    (15) The first female to drive a motor car was Mrs. Olufunmilayo Ransome Kuti.
    (16) The first Eclipse of the Sun by the Moon occurred in Nigeria in 1947.
    (17) The first hospital in Nigeria was established in Abeokuta, Ogun State on 27th January 1895.
    (18) The first Psychiatric Hospital was established in Calabar, Cross Rivers State of Nigeria in the year 1903
    (19) Shehu Usman Dan Fodio introduced Islamic religion to the northern part of Nigeria in the year 1804.
    (20) The first Nigerian (and the first black-skinned African) to win a Nobel Laureate was Professor Wole Soyinka, he won the coveted Nobel Laureate in Literature in the year 1986.
    (21) Chief Emeka Anyaoku was the first Nigerian to become the Secretary-General of Commonwealth of Nations and the first African to be President of World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).
    (22) Professor Chike Obi was the first Nigerian Professor of Mathematics.
    (23) Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe was the first indigenous President of Nigeria.
    (24) Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa was the first Prime Minister of Nigeria.
    (25) General Aguiyi Ironsi was the first military Head of State of Nigeria.
    (26) Dr Teslim Elias was the first Attorney-General of Nigeria.
    (27) Dr Clement Isong was the first Governor of Central Bank of Nigeia.
    (28) Professor Grace Alele Williams was the first female Vice-Chancellor in Nigeria.
    (29) Flora Nwakpa was the first female author in Nigeria.
    (30) Chinyere Onyemachara was the first female pilot in Nigeria.
    (31) Dr Elizabeth Abimbola was the first female doctor in Nigeria.
    (32) Mrs. Latifat Okunnu was the first female deputy Governor in Nigeria.
    (33) Mrs Dorothy Miller was the first female Commissioner in Nigeria.
    (34) Mrs Efunroye Tinubu was the first female to buy a car in Nigeria.
    (35) Sapara Williams (a Nigerian) was the first Black Lawyer in Africa.

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