Bukola Saraki Gave His Sister 2 Hours To Leave Ilorin In Her Own Interest

  • Bukola Saraki Gave His Sister 2 Hours To Leave Ilorin In Her Own Interest
  • Her words:

    “I met him before I decided to contest. Before, I was not interested in contesting. I came to Nigeria. I spoke to him. I saw him at the government house. I was to see him at 9’ o clock actually; but he didn’t see me until 3’o clock; though he was very busy that day. I saw him and we had a chat. And he just looked at me and said, is that what you come to say, and I said yes. That was 3’o clock in the afternoon. He looked at his watch.

    He called his P.A, and said, can you escort my sister out here. And I give you still 5’o clock to leave Kwara State, or I don’t guarantee your safety. That was his exact words. Even at that, I didn’t leave. I am as stubborn as he is.

    I visited the Commissioner for Women Affairs and a few of his commissioners to speak to them. I said, even if my brother is not doing things, try and do the right thing. But I didn’t succeed anyway. So, I left.

    Fighting from the flanks

    “Truly speaking, when you look at it from the outside, you’ll ask, why is it this family all the time? It looks like that but I am not on their side. I mean, if you read the papers, they have disowned me. Bukola came out publicly to say, I am not Saraki’s daughter; I’m a bastard; all because of all this. It is very painful when someone comes up to say oh, I am a name dropper. All because I am fighting this cause. It is a shameful thing.

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