Boy Beaten To Pulp By A Man, His Swollen Face

  • The boy in the picture is from my locality,name withheld.
  • He was beaten to pulp by a grown family man above the age of 30. For doing nothing.
    Why I said “nothing” is that, I don’t think there is anything a child below the age of 18 will do, that will warrant such intensive & extensive beatings(punches), . But for benefit of doubt. The man in question is one #Mr_Damian_Ifoh, from Amajuogu in awlaw, oji-river lga. He beat the boy because someone made a foul statement, so he mistook the boy for the person & lynched him.

    This kind of maltreatment/ child abuse has to stop. This is a pure example of our Nigeria’s limitless retrogression. Our government can’t be blamed 100%. We the masses play a 50% role in the development process of this country.

    And guess what, the family brought the case to Awlaw legal body. Nothing has been done thus far, that the boy be taken to the hospital then they will decide on what to do next(bureaucracy/red tapism of the highest order).

    I know I’ve breached some professional ethics of Journalism via this post. I just have to, cos I’m pained & weep inwardly.
    Whatever anyone can do in other that justice will prevail as to this case, the ball is in ur court. An example should be made of this man, so that others with such mindset as his will learn.

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