Between ‘Innoson Malaria Drug’ Designer & Innoson Vehicles Twitter Handler

days after a Twitter user @osuolale_farouq, trended online for creating a new logo for Innoson, and a day after Twitter user @channie_bob got employed by Innoson for making some corporate designs with the logo created by @osuolale_farouq, another Tweeter user @ugwunnaejikem decided to trend too, but in a hilarious manner. He sent a tweet on a malaria medicine tablet with an ‘I’ engraving, which he claimed he made for Innoson.

He wrote: Dear @innosonvehicles this is a new malaria drug I designed for your company with the letter “I”.

RT till Innoson sees this. 

@Innosonvehicles replied his tweet by saying: ‘Local man is tired’ 

See photos below. 

The chat created laughter among many Twitter users.

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