APC, Buhari Can’t Blackmail Nigeria – PDP Insists

  • APC, Buhari Can’t Blackmail Nigeria – PDP Insists
  • The PDP notes the incessant blackmail and threats against the opposition and law abiding Nigerians by the Buhari Presidency, through the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed and surmised that Nigerians will not buckle under any jackboots.

    The PDP also notes the efforts being made by the APC to heat up the polity, inject crisis, undermine the general elections, then carry out their heinous plots to use mercenaries from Niger Republic to unleash mayhem on our nation and blame it on the opposition.

    The PDP further draws the attention of the international community to the land mines being set on the way of credible elections by the APC, including the clamp down on opposition, foisting of President Buhari’s relation, Amina Zakari, as head of INEC’s collation, etc

    It is now clear to all that the target of the APC
    is to demonize and cow the opposition, instill fear in Nigerians, undermine our democratic institutions, attempt to subjugate the citizenry & pave the way for the actualization of a self-succession plan for Buhari.

    The PDP, as a political party with the highest demography of members and supporters, in their millions, across our nation, therefore states in unequivocal terms, that Nigerians will never allow themselves to be blackmailed, intimidated or cowed by the APC.

    The PDP therefore urges all institutions responsible for the general election to save our nation from collapse by working towards guaranteeing a credible, free, fair and transparent election. This is all we seek.


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