63 Fulani People Killed In Kebbi – Bulama Bukarti

63 Fulani People Killed In Kebbi – Bulama Bukarti

Kebbi is the only state in its axis largely NOT affected by the growing violence in northwest Nigeria, but some elements are working to disturb this amazing, if not miraculous, record.

Fulani communities in Zuru LGA reported earlier this week that 63 of their members- including women and children- have been extrajudicially murdered in the past few months by a group of overzealous vigilantes. They said they’ve the particulars and photos of each victim and that the youngest was a 1-yo baby.

The victims said they didn’t do any wrong except they’re Fulanis. Needless to say, it’s utterly unjust to indict a whole people for the crimes of a few. It’s criminal to kill human beings without justice and due process.

It’s this kind of “jungle justice” that partly took Zamfara and Southern Kaduna to where they’re today. Kebbi must avoid it.

We can’t allow some to arrogate the powers of the police to themselves, act as judges and usurp executive powers by “investigating” alleged offenders, finding them guilty and executing the sentence. This will only lead to more tensions and violence that may spin out of control.

I urge the Governor of Kebbi State to institute a Judicial Commission of Inquiry into these allegations & bring perpetrators to justice. It’s very dangerous to dismiss complaints like this or delay unnecessarily. That may lead to victims organizing to defend themselves & revenge.

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