5 Ways To Make Extra Cash As A Student

I’ll be sharing few tips on things you can get your hands on while being a student.

1. RECHARGE CARDS : According to research Nigeria’s mobile subscribers has reached 150 million and internet users at 97.2 million, now imagine what you can do with that, you can buy recharge cards from wholesalers at a cheaper price and sell to friends in your hostels, even lecturers at the card surface price. You can make an average of N5 per N100 dominated cards and eventually earn a total profit of N500 – N1000 daily.

2. BLOGGING : In case you don’t know getting a blog is free!!! I wonder what you do with your data when you use it as an avenue to make cool cash??, and you can do that by starting a blog. Since most students have data on their phone, well I guess getting internet connection won’t be a problem. There are so many ways to make money from blogging, Google Adsense is one of the popular way of making money, it is an easy way to make online money, you will get paid for every time a user clicks on your ads, these are called CPC ads “Cost per Click”, and also they pay in dollars!!!!

3. ENTREPRENEURSHIP : Being an entrepreneur is the way now, as a student you can become a boss of your own, most university campuses have the perfect environment to start a business, you literally have an outlet of resources and potential customers, there are so many things to do; as a guy you can open a barbing salon, where your guys will get their haircut, as a lady, a salon will do, you can make different hairstyles for students. I also learnt that you can make money by making artificial wigs; girls will definitely buy these things. Another avenue of making cash is making and selling of beads. I used to know a lady that sells noodles to student in the evening, and she makes a lot of profit from that, you can also make shoes and sandals and sell them. The list just goes on and on.

4. PART TIME JOBS : Get a part-time job, something you can do after lectures, and that pays, even if it’s not that much, you can get a job in a Hotel, sales attendant, waitress and so on. I know some of you might feel irked doing menial jobs, but hey as long as it brings in that extra cash, do it! and it also helps your work experience.

5. FASHION : You can engage in buying of clothing and fashion accessories and selling them in your hostels and campus, and with the use of social media to advertise your products, it gives a wide range of customers. I used to know a girl that travels far as the east to get clothing, comes back home to sell them for a reasonable price, and she still makes her money, she bought a car in her final year, she is a big girl on campus fam.

But hey while you are getting all these extra cash, these is not the time to spend frivolously, SAVE!!!!! Aim to save at least 20 – 30% of your income, while you also keep the business going. On a final note challenge yourself, nobody owes you anything!! Not even your parents, so you need to start learning how to be financially independent.

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