10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Cucumber


When you are looking for healthy foods to eat, then cucumber is a great choice. Cucumbers are fruits though we normally eat them as vegetables. Cucumber goes with the scientific name cucumis savitis which is made up of 90-96% of water in it. Cucumbers are commonly eaten raw . Cucumbers are of great benefits to your health and those health benefits are what am here to reveal to you.
Health Benefits Of Cucumber

1. Cucumber Contains Some Essential Vitamins
Vitamins are one of the most essential nutrients you need more in your body to live healthy and cucumbers are always give it to you if only you eat them. Basically,cucumbers contain vitamin A,B &C which in turn energize you, boost your immunity and keep you radiant. Cucumbers also contain other nutrients such as iron, calcium, phosphorous, zinc, folic acid magnesium, Vitamins B1,B2,B3,B6 and more.

2. Cucumbers Keep You Hydrated

Like I earlier mentioned, cucumbers are made up of 90-95% of water. This means that if you may eat cucumbers as alternative to water because of it’s high water content. And keeping you hydrated is not limited to eliminate thirst but many other functions like transportation of nutrients all round the body , aid in digestion etc.

3. Cucumbers Reduce The Risk Of Cancer
Another key health benefit of cucumber is having the ability to reduce risks of cancer. Cucumbers are made up of plant nutrients named cucurbitacins which according to scientists, have anti-cancer properties. Scientists also went ahead to prove that activities that leads to the growth and development of some cancerous cells in the body can be blocked by this nutrient in cucumbers called cucurbitacins.

4. Cucumbers Get Rid Of Bad Breath
Cucumbers help to freshen your breath and get rid of bad breath . Cucumbers are made up of phytochemicals which eliminates those bacteria causing bad breath. So when ever you feel you need to freshen your breath, get some cucumbers and eat.

5. Cucumber Is A Good Home Remedy For Sunburn
Cucumbers has the capability of clearing sunburns too. Whenever you are experiencing sunburns again, simply do this; Cut a cucumber into tiny slices and put them directly on the sunburn affected areas, remove immediately you feel the warmth from cucumbers.

6. Cucumbers Help To Fight Inflammation
Do you know that cucumber helps to reduce inflammation in the body. Well, cucumbers contain flavonoids which are have anti-inflammatory properties to reduce inflammation in the body.

7. Cucumbers Strengthen the Bones
Cucumbers are rich in vitamin K is very much important for a healthy bone. When there’s low amount of vitamin K in the body then the risk of bone fracture increases. So get yourself some cucumbers and save yourself from bone fractures.

8. Cucumbers Are Essential For Weight Loss
Well, if you are trying to drop some pounds, then you need cucumbers. This is because they are very low in calories . They also contain fibers which are ideal to regulate body weight .

9. Cucumbers Are Ideal For Diabetic Patients
Diabetic patients need cucumbers to maintain their diabetes. Cucumber contains a hormone essential for the pancreas for insulin production. So if you are diabetic, then never miss to eat good amount of cucumbers weekly.

10. Cucumbers Help To Prevent Constipation
Cucumbers are very rich in water like I’ve earlier said, they also contain fiber. These two nutrients enables food to move through the digestive tract quicker and more easily , helping you prevent constipation.

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